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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

1. Blazer--- New York and Company (70% off!)
2. Gingham shirt--- Old Navy
3. Jeans--- Levi's 421, Kohl's
4. Booties--- Forever 21
Not Numbered---Necklace, Forever 21

My brother, who started out doing some posts on my blog and has since stopped for reasons unknown, has started his own blog. It is Verge Magazine Online. I feel like a proud mama because he has had a dream of doing his own magazine for as long as I can remember. We even made a whole issue of Verge one year just for fun. (We also used to do photoshoots for fun….we weren't normal kids) Now that blogging is a legitimate thing I am super excited for him to start his online magazine. 

His "first issue" comes out later tonight, and hopefully sometime later this month you will get to see the article that I wrote in it. 

I foresee a lot of collaboration between the two blogs in the future. So everyone go check it out...


zac thomas said...

awe! so nice of you to shout out my blog! Though to be honest, it wouldn't have happened had you not answered my phone calls everytime. PS - i like this high low look.

katou said...

Nice outfit comfy and classy love the blazer!!!

The Put Together Girl said...

Ok so I am going through my google reader from last week and while this comment is days from when you originally posted, I had to share that I just so happen to be wearing the exact same outfit (except I'm wearing green shoes...woah).

It's cute though! :-)

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