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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Falling into Fall.

This time of year, every morning I wake up and check the weather.

70 in the morning. 90 in the afternoon.

So I stare at my closet for half an hour hoping...praying...that something will jump out at me and say "Wear me! I'm perfect!" And yet, it never happens.

If you don't plan then a t-shirt and light cardigan looks better and better every second.

Some tips and tricks for dressing during this crazy weather:

1. LAYERS! Introduce yourself to them. They will be your new best friend. Light jacket in the morning. Bare arms in the afternoon.

2. Don't be afraid to keep some of your favorite Summer colors in your Fall wardrobe. Maybe just not like this.

3. Socks are really big for the Fall, so try out the new trend and stay tightless for as long as possible.

4. When in doubt...add a scarf.


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