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Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Late... And I'm Sleepy

Earlier on Facebook I posted a status that said-- "What I learned in New York today: don't use a man's electric razor to shave your armpits." And well, don't ever try it. I would post a picture of the disaster..but I don't think you want to see it.

But I have learned some other interesting things like...
- Every New Yorker would get a j walking ticket in College Station. No one pays attention to the cross walk signs.
- That thing you think smells like pee, is probably pee.
- Not everywhere has a bathroom...and it's depressing.
- You can take your dog into pretty much everywhere. That 4 story Barnes and Noble? Sure why not.

And some other stuff...that I can't remember right now. 

Empire State

I missed yesterday's awesome and awkwards, so I'm just going to do it today...

- Getting lost on the 1am. 
- Seeing a guy pee in Central Park
- Seeing like 4 couple fighting in Central Park
- Asking for a glass of skim milk at a vegan cafe
- The look the lady at Burger King gave me when I asked for a kid's cheeseburger
- A coffee shop not having Sweet N Low
- No ice in our ice water
- The worm shaped noodles in my fried rice

- Making new friends
- Going to a real Brooklyn party
- Seeing great bands
- Finally finding some postcards, and sending them
- Vegan cupcakes that taste surprisingly like cornbread
- $2 hotdogs
- Kind of, sort of, maybe, figuring out the subway
- Watching buskers fight over their busking spot
- New York freaking city

Not in the awesome or awkward category...
Ground Zero. I don't have much to say about that because...well...we all remember. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living In Color

If you happen to be in the New York City area, go see Catch Me If You Can on Broadway. Seriously. Go right now. The show is ah-mazing! And as a plus, the actor playing Frank Abagnale is, as one random gay man told us freaking hot. Although, he used a much more explicative term. 

Remember Tripp van der Bilt from Gossip Girl? No? Well let me remind you..

Yup, thats the guy. Aaron Tveit. Now add the voice of an angel and you've got yourself Mr. Abagnale. Swoon.

Other day highlights:
My meeting. I think it went well. I wore this really awesome outfit that I forgot to take pictures off...sorry guys.
Good Burger. Can I take your order?
M&Ms store. 
Power nap.
Wearing three different outfits in one day.

And it's only day 2. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm in New York, Baby!

Here are a few of the best shots from the day. I got my first piece of real New York City New York style cheesecake....and it was delicious.

We did some shopping. Hello H&M!

And tomorrow I have a meeting for future potential jobs.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I will be in New York City. So expect a week of fun posts!

Oh and I got bangs!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

1. Blazer--- New York and Company (70% off!)
2. Gingham shirt--- Old Navy
3. Jeans--- Levi's 421, Kohl's
4. Booties--- Forever 21
Not Numbered---Necklace, Forever 21

My brother, who started out doing some posts on my blog and has since stopped for reasons unknown, has started his own blog. It is Verge Magazine Online. I feel like a proud mama because he has had a dream of doing his own magazine for as long as I can remember. We even made a whole issue of Verge one year just for fun. (We also used to do photoshoots for fun….we weren't normal kids) Now that blogging is a legitimate thing I am super excited for him to start his online magazine. 

His "first issue" comes out later tonight, and hopefully sometime later this month you will get to see the article that I wrote in it. 

I foresee a lot of collaboration between the two blogs in the future. So everyone go check it out...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

And The Oscar Goes To...

It has been my dream for a very long time to host an Oscars party. And tonight my dream came true! I hosted my very first one. A few close friends came over and we voted on who we thought would win and of course wore our red carpet finest.

I even had a little piece of red carpet to take pictures on. Here are a few of the best shots of the night...

But I know the question on all y'all's minds is....who am I wearing?

J. Crew.

But my favorite look of the night was Ms. Cate Blanchett, wearing Givenchy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hey Y'all

I might be a little absent in the coming weeks. I know sad right? But don't worry. Just because I'm not blogging doesn't mean I'm not wearing clothes.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh My Goodness, Yes!

Please look here. College Fashion. You're my hero.

New Things

I'm trying a couple of different things today. One: this outfit. But not in the "this is the first time I have worn this outfit kind of way", in the "this is not something I would normally wear kind of way." I have been wanting to wear winter shorts for a while but I never had the courage to do so. Apparently, today I was feeling a little ballsy and decided to try it. I think my first attempt turned out okay. Although I was pretty cold, but there's not much difference between wearing shorts and wearing a dress, warmth wise.

two: see the numbers on my photo? I wanted to do something different to show where my clothes are from. I was getting bored with just listing it at the bottom. So I'm doing this.

1. Forever 21
2. Target
3. Target
4. Kohl's
5. Forever 21

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

I love reading Sydney's (The Daybook) Awesome and Awkward Thursdays. Most of the time I find myself laughing and cringing right along with her awkwards. So today I decided to do my own...

- The fact that Sydney had turning your feet in in a photo as an awkward. I do that all the time.
- Having someone say, "hey I'm in that class with you." You are? Oops.
- Noticing that a guy in one of my classes was wearing a $335 Burberry scarf....with sweat pants. Actually, that's just awkward for him.
- Saying you're welcome before someone says thank you. That's the worst.
- Talking wayy too loud on the bus. Sorry y'all.
- Calling Robinson Crusoe a sociopath in class.

- Waking up, snuggled next to Chris
- Not working for the next 5 days
- Overhearing someone of the bus say there is 32 days until spring break. NYC here I come!
- Sweet Eugene's cinnamon roles
- Vampire Diaries with my friends tonight. (psst chelsea & chelsey...I'm making enchiladas!)
- The pizza that's in the oven right now.
- The awesome scarf I wore today. Ice cream cone, how cool are you!
- Which reminds me of...making silly jokes with Chris. We passed by Cold Stone last night around 6 and it was closed. There was a note on the door. Our assumption of what it said: "It's freaking cold outside. Go get a hot chocolate."

Shirt, Jacket, Boots: Old Navy; Jeans and Hat: Target; Scarf: Gift, I think from Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Got A Great Surprise Today

It was 9:45 and I was at work, 15 minutes away from closing, and I was super ready to go home. I look over across the room and see a shirt that looks familiar and then I see a face that looks familiar. It's the boyfriend!

He surprised me at work! Which is kind of a big deal because he doesn't live in my town. So he drove all the way up here to see me. Aren't I a lucky girl?

Sweat Vest: Brother; Shirt: Gift; Jeans: Levi's 524; Boots: Old Navy; Necklace: Target