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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lets Get Some Shoes

As per request...a post about shoes.


The shorty-boot: This is an amazing boot. Not too tall, not quiet an ankle. Perfect height. These boots are great for over jeans, with a skirt, dress, shorts. You can't really go wrong with wearing this boot. But, if you are on the shorter side, I would stay away from wearing this boot with bare legs, opt for the pant instead. It won't elongate your leg, so you don't want to appear truncated. 

The combat boot: So this boot has been making its way around the world of fashion lately, and I'm still not really sure how I feel about it. A lot of people love their combat boots and can pull them off flawlessly (take a look at Nikki Hilton). 

The knee-high boot: A classic. Jeans, dress, skirt. Just like the shorty-boot, you can wear this with pretty much anything. This boot is a must have in different colors!


The ballet flat: The classic flat. I think I have about ten pairs of these kind of shoe. They work with anything. They can dress things up, or you can wear them on your lazy days. Also as a plus, they are normally small enough to fit into a purse, so if your feet are hurting you after a long night out, just pull out your trusty ballets and throw them on.

The pointy-toe flat: This is a dressier flat. It is great for people who work on their feet, but still need to be dressed up (Hey B&N friends, I know you love this kind!). They work great with pretty much anything, but probably best with a wide leg pant. On the downside, if you have a wider foot like I do, sometimes they can be a little bit tight around the toes. And they always show toe cleavage. 

The open-toe flat: This is a nice alternative for the ballet or pointy when you want to still look nice, but don't want to have to walk around in heels. And they give you a reason to go and get that pedicure you've been wanting.


The Mary Jane: Every girl should own a pair of Mary Janes. They are super identifiable because of the strap that goes across the top on the foot. A lot of times these are more comfortable than your average heel because most of thicker heels, which equals more stabilization. 

The wedge heel: These also offer more comfort and ease because you're not standing on a small heel all day, which relieves the pressure on your back and knees. But, in my experience, these tip over to the side more easier than other kinds of heels and that can cause a lot of pain and damage to your ligaments and tendons in your ankle. So be careful walking, and try to avoid areas where the ground in unstable (cobblestone is the worst!)

The pump: I'm lumping stilettos into this category as well because I often have a hard time distinguishing between the two. I think historically the pump had a shorter heel, but recently heels have become higher and higher so it's hard to tell. The most important thing about these is to make sure that they will be safe for you to walk in, i.e., don't buy them in a bigger size just because they are on sale. It is super important to make sure the shoe fits right so that you don't hurt yourself later.

The booty/oxford heel: The fact that these shoes enclose your entire foot really helps with stability when walking, which helps your feel to feel better, longer. Pair this shoe with your pencil shirt, and you'll knock 'em dead.

The Christian Louboutin: I'm going to make this shoe its own category, because really it is. The Louboutin is like the diamond of the shoe world. Perfect in every way. The identifiable red sole says, "hey, look at me! I'm wearing Louboutin's! Jealous?" Yes. Yes I am.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

THE bow

Today in my class a girl said this:

"That is like THE bow."

me: "the bow?"

"Yeah all these junior high girls wear THE bow in their hair. You see it on Gossip Girl and now there is the girl in my class who looks like she rolled out of bed and put THE bow in her hair, or maybe it was from the night before."

I don't even know how this topic came up. But what I liked was that it's not a bow, but THE bow. Like it there is only one in the entire world and it just rotates from girl to girl. When is it my turn to wear THE bow? Is there a waiting list I need to get on?

While your waiting for your name to come up on the waiting list, here are some lesser bows you can throw in your outfit to hold you over.

Dress, Tights, Shoes, Earrings

Shirt, Skirt, Shoes, Handband

Go ahead. You can drool over those Louboutin's. I am.

Monday, October 25, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Jeans

If you know me, you probably know that I am obsessed with jeans. Okay, well maybe you don't explicitly know, but you probably have seen me wearing jeans. Everyday. I love jeans. They are the fine gems of life. You can dress them up or down. They are comfy and... well always comfy.

Zac made a post for the guys about getting to know your denim. It had some good advice, not just for men, but also for women. So ladies, take a look and learn! Find out what your favorite wash and what your favorite brand is. And buy. It never hurts to invest in a good pair of jeans (or a good tailor! Not everyone is the model size for the size of clothes that you buy).

So to help you with your favorite jeans search, here are a few of mine.

Levi's 524

I recently invested in a pair of Levi's 524. They are pretty amazing. The wash is perfect, they move great, and well everyone needs a pair of Levi's. These jeans are a little pricer, but definitely worth it.

Old Navy, The Diva Bootcut
Old Navy does a great job at offering great clothes at a great price. Take these jeans for instance. They are the perfect bootcut. Great for your cowboy boots, your heals, your flats, your sandals. Just about anything. And, they aren't super expensive. So go ahead and buy two, three, or four pairs.

J.Crew, Trouser Jean
I threw this pair in for my brother. I have never owned a pair of J.Crew jeans, but I have owned a lot of their other pants and love them. But Zac swears by J.Crew's jeans. He might be a little biased though considering he works there. But that is besides the point. These are probably the best made jeans in this list, and you're going to pay for it too. The trouser jean, at $108, is definitely an investment. Also, as a plus, I believe that most J. Crew's will send your items off if they need to be tailored. 

What is your favorite pair of jeans?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Parades and Petticoats

Okay. So there aren't any petticoats in this post. But, I liked the alliteration of parades and petticoats. I'm sorry if I have misled you in any way. Please forgive me.

Now that we have that all settled. I went to a parade today! See I didn't lie to you completely...only half lied. My Paw-Paw was the grand marshal in the Homecoming parade today in Somerville, Texas. Ever been to Somerville? It looks like a ghost town. Small and scary. (oohh more alliteration!) But today was not a very good day for a parade. After a month of amazing (but not cool enough) weather, we finally had a cloudy day. It was kind of sad, but my Paw-Paw still looked proud and excited. As he should be.

Target should probably pay me for all of the clothes I buy from them. I think I am a walking Target advertisement. Basically everything I wore today was from Target.





Jacket, Dress, Necklace and Shoes: Target, Belt: Old Navy

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For the guys - Dress Shirts

button up correctly

1. Spread -
A very wide and "spread" out collar. Most suitable for larger knots on your ties, as in the Windor. Think old school business man, large knot, large ego, to breath.

2. Regular -
The basic collar. Buttons right at the neck and the collar itself lays flat and doesn't button down. Sits well with many types of neckwear and even most suits.

3. Button down -
This helps to dress the shirt down, but still keeps it fresh. Helps to pull off that preppy look.
TIP: pair it with a tie, but leave the buttons unbottoned for a preppy look but a little more rough.

When trying on button downs remember you should be able to breathe when fastening the top bottom. A good rule of thumb, a "two finger" gap. Personally, I always leave that top button undone. I think it just adds a little texture to my outfit but for those needing it to be buttoned, leave room to breath.

1. Kenneth Cole shirt 2. Duo Boutique 3. Urban Outfitters

Written by Zac.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On Wednesdays We Wear Purple

If you're friends with me on Facebook you have seen me hounding you to send me pictures of you wearing purple. Why you ask?

Well because today is the GLAAD spirit day. What is GLAAD you ask? Well let me tell you!

It is the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, and unless you've been living under a rock or in a hobbit hole you've probably heard about the recent teen suicides. There has been a huge campaign to try and stop these  tragedies and to help people realize that being a teenager sucks, whether your gay, straight, black, white, love anime, or are the "most popular" kid in school. But it gets better. And the bullying stops.

Fashion can be a powerful thing, and today people were encouraged to wear purple to bring awareness to this pressing issue.

Shirt: J.Crew, Shirt: Target, Belt & Shoes: Old Navy, Watch: Target, Ring: Boyfriend

Look! Finally outfits pictures! My friend Jackie was so nice and took them for me today. But I think I might have found the perfect camera

I asked for purple-wearers to send me their pictures. Here they are. Thank you for supporting the cause and spreading awareness. 


For more information about how to make it better please go here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Inspired Outfit

I think that we get cheated here in the South.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love the South, and I love Texas. But there are a couple of times a year that I think, "Man. I wish I was in New England." Summer. And Fall.

Summer because it's flipping hot here. I like to compare Texas summers to childbirth (or what I have heard about childbirth). You always forget how bad it is until it is happening.

And Fall because, well... just look.


We were cheated right? Look how beautiful.

Shirt, Cardigan, JeansShoes, Brooch, Ring
p.s. that J. Crew cardigan is so amazing, and it's on sale!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I think I'm in love...

These shoes are amazing! How do I find all this stuff that I want to buy when I don't have any money. Luckily, my birthday is coming up. (Hey Mom!)

Click here to see where they're from.

Mossimo V-Neck Tee

I know you've seen them. You probably have one. Or two. Or three. It's the Mossimo Supply Co. V-Neck tee.

I know I have at least four of them. They are probably the most comfortable shirt I have. Don't know what I'm going to wear? Pull out my Mossimo shirt. They are basically my go-to piece. If you don't have one yet, seriously, go buy one.

No, not right now. Finish reading this post first. Then go.

The best part about these shirts are that they are super versatile. Jeans. Shirts. Slacks. They go with them all.

Here, see for yourself.



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gameday Cowboy Boots

Recently I have been secretly wanting a pair of cowboy boots. Well, not too secretly. I have told several people. Okay, you got me. I have told as many people as would listen. I feel like I am one of the only people in my town that doesn't have a pair.

You can blame "Friday Night Lights". This show had single-handedly made me want a pair. Lila just looks so darn cute in hers. And today was gameday here in Aggieland. And the cowgirls were everywhere.

Some with cute boots, some with ugly boots, some with dirty boots, some with their jeans tucked in to their boots (which I wish they wouldn't do), some with boots and skirts (which might be the most adorable thing).


Pretty freaking cute right?

I think I'm a convert. I need some gameday cowboy boots.

On a side note: We got to do this super fun thing at the game today. All the seniors got to go down on the field during half-time and welcome the team back. It was really a cool experience.

Look! Football players! One of them gave me a highfive :)

That's me, on the right, with my friend Rachel. I had Princess Leia buns today. It was cool.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Midterm Madness

It’s October. Y’all know what that means. Midterms.

It is only the second worst part of the year, right behind finals. You stay up late studying, wake up early to study, and don’t really care what you look like when you go to class.

That was me today. Except that I didn’t stay up late studying and I woke up early for work. But I still didn't care what I looked like. Here's a rundown of what I wore today. Since I am still having camera problems, I'm sharing in polyvore format. (If you don't know what polyvore is. Google it. Your life will be changed.)


Jeans. Plain white tee. Cardigan. Can't go wrong.

Now I don't really have any TOMS. I have these cool Argentine shoes that my boyfriend got me when he lived in Argentina. I say they are TOMS lookalikes, but Chris ( that's my boyfriend) says that TOMS are the Argentine lookalikes. I really want a pair of TOMS. But I just am having a hard time trying to (A) pick what color I want, and (B) spend almost $50 on them. Granted, they are for a great cause. But if I spend $50 on a pair of shoes, I want them to be boots. Maybe some like these.

So all you TOMS wearers out there. What color do you have? And were they totally worth the money you had to shell out to get them?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Real Beauty

In one of my classes we did a project where we had to do a poetry presentation. A lot of people did videos and we saw the same one twice.

At first I was thinking. "Ugh. I have already seen this video a thousand times." But then I got to thinking. You know what? This video has a really great message.

So I am sharing with you. My wonderful readers.

It is a video from the Dove Real Beauty campaign. If you haven't seen it. Enjoy. If you have. Watch, then go take a look in the mirror and see how beautiful you really are.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For the guys - Denim

for the guys2

Monday, October 11, 2010

Playing With Silhouettes

If you watch Project Runway, you know that they are all about the silhouettes. And although we don't walk behind a giant curtain with a light shining behind it every day - well at least I don't - I think it is still important to create different silhouettes in your everyday wardrobe.

Look for full skirts, then tuck your shirt in and add a belt to pull in your waist line.

Find shirts with fun shoulder embellishments or should pads (they're not just for the 90s dress up parties anymore).

Try a high-waisted trouser pant. Go for the wide leg or the straight leg.



Isn't that little dude in the necklace awesome? Very Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. For Narnia and for Aslan!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hats off to you

I have been wanting to do more (or my first?) outfits posts, but I have been running into some problems.

1. I don't have anyone to take my pictures. But then I read this great post about taking your own outfit photos on Independent Fashion Bloggers. Unfortunately it said you need a tri-pod, which I don't have. But today my roomie said she would take them (yay!), but then my camera was dead. Which brings me to ...

2. My camera sucks. It hold battery for about 15 minutes and now I can't find my charger. I am in desperate need of a new one. Camera. Not charger.

So needless to say, I haven't been able to take any. Which really depresses me because I bought a super cute dress today that I really want to show y'all.

Instead of showing you my outfit photos that I can't take, I decided to talk about something else I can't do.

Wear hats.

I have a giant head. Not abnormally large or anything. Proportional to my body kind of large. But I still can't fit into any of the hats at the stores, which makes me incredibly sad. But if your head is smaller than mine and can fit into hats, here are a couple of affordable hats and an outfit to inspire you to wear them.



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Legging Etiquette


Just think about that word for a second.


Jeans. And leggings. Mashed into one. Think jorts. I can't really imagine a situation where jeggings would be appropriate. Ever. And I have recently been seeing a lot of stores that are selling jeggings. So ladies, please don't be swayed by the 5'11", 100lbs model wearing the jeggings in the advertisement above them.

Now, I'm not talking about the jeans that are skinny and tight that some places call jeggings. I'm talking about the ones that aren't made out of jean material, that probably don't even have a zipper, and that definitely don't have any pockets.

Instead, opt for the skinny jean, or just the plain ol' legging (but don't substitute these as pants, if your legging butt is showing, wearing a longer shirt or put on some bottoms)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Victoria Secret Collegiate Collection

So I am pretty much in love with the Victoria Secret Collegiate Collection.

Last year, my boyfriend got me a amazing jacket-vest from it and I have been in love ever since. Unfortunately, I haven't bought enough from it yet. Seriously, how cute it this sweater? I used it in a eariler post, and the minute it goes on sale you can bet your bottom dollar I will be getting it.

Unfortunately for Texas A&M, we don't have cute stuff like this...

...because we are a "conservative school", where apparently no one has need for underwear. And by that I mean, Texas A&M didn't renew their contract for underwear with VS because it was inappropriate or something or another.

But there are always these cute sweatpants to hold you over. As long as you don't wear them to class. Or work. Or the movies.

For the guys

1. a navy cardigan
WHY: Consider it your go to third piece. It's lighter than your jacket but adds that one extra layer you need to stay a little warmer. Not to mention it dresses up anything you are wearing. So when she gets angry that you are always wearing jeans and a tee, grab the cardigan, forget the blazer.

2. a nice pair of cords
WHY: They are the pant that is in between denim and slacks. They still carry a comfort fact, yet makes it look as though you thought about what you were putting on for more than the ten seconds you really were in the closet. Plus, they are slightly warmer than a nice pair of denim.

3. a cashmere scarf
WHY: Cashmere is just softer than your cotton scarf and it's just a little warmer. Throw this thing on with everything, a button down, a tee, a tank. This is just one more of the items that you can simply throw on to take your look to that next step of being pulled together. Did I mention it's softer? You won't mind having it rub on your neck.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The whole boyfriend thing

I wore a sweater vest today that I stole from my brother's closet. It was brown and manly, but I thought it could work. I asked my friend what she thought about it and she said "It looks like you're going for the whole boyfriend thing". And I thought...sure. Why not?

I wasn't intentionally doing it, but paired my with cords, the sweater vest just worked out.

So when I was thinking about what to do for my post on tonight I knew exactly what to write about!

The whole boyfriend thing.

Well, it was either that or about the giant bracelet Serena van der Woodsen wore in last night's Gossip Girl. Seriously... just look at that thing. She would have gone straight to the bottom.

and here's a pixelated close up.