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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For the guys

1. a navy cardigan
WHY: Consider it your go to third piece. It's lighter than your jacket but adds that one extra layer you need to stay a little warmer. Not to mention it dresses up anything you are wearing. So when she gets angry that you are always wearing jeans and a tee, grab the cardigan, forget the blazer.

2. a nice pair of cords
WHY: They are the pant that is in between denim and slacks. They still carry a comfort fact, yet makes it look as though you thought about what you were putting on for more than the ten seconds you really were in the closet. Plus, they are slightly warmer than a nice pair of denim.

3. a cashmere scarf
WHY: Cashmere is just softer than your cotton scarf and it's just a little warmer. Throw this thing on with everything, a button down, a tee, a tank. This is just one more of the items that you can simply throw on to take your look to that next step of being pulled together. Did I mention it's softer? You won't mind having it rub on your neck.


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