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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lets Get Some Shoes

As per request...a post about shoes.


The shorty-boot: This is an amazing boot. Not too tall, not quiet an ankle. Perfect height. These boots are great for over jeans, with a skirt, dress, shorts. You can't really go wrong with wearing this boot. But, if you are on the shorter side, I would stay away from wearing this boot with bare legs, opt for the pant instead. It won't elongate your leg, so you don't want to appear truncated. 

The combat boot: So this boot has been making its way around the world of fashion lately, and I'm still not really sure how I feel about it. A lot of people love their combat boots and can pull them off flawlessly (take a look at Nikki Hilton). 

The knee-high boot: A classic. Jeans, dress, skirt. Just like the shorty-boot, you can wear this with pretty much anything. This boot is a must have in different colors!


The ballet flat: The classic flat. I think I have about ten pairs of these kind of shoe. They work with anything. They can dress things up, or you can wear them on your lazy days. Also as a plus, they are normally small enough to fit into a purse, so if your feet are hurting you after a long night out, just pull out your trusty ballets and throw them on.

The pointy-toe flat: This is a dressier flat. It is great for people who work on their feet, but still need to be dressed up (Hey B&N friends, I know you love this kind!). They work great with pretty much anything, but probably best with a wide leg pant. On the downside, if you have a wider foot like I do, sometimes they can be a little bit tight around the toes. And they always show toe cleavage. 

The open-toe flat: This is a nice alternative for the ballet or pointy when you want to still look nice, but don't want to have to walk around in heels. And they give you a reason to go and get that pedicure you've been wanting.


The Mary Jane: Every girl should own a pair of Mary Janes. They are super identifiable because of the strap that goes across the top on the foot. A lot of times these are more comfortable than your average heel because most of thicker heels, which equals more stabilization. 

The wedge heel: These also offer more comfort and ease because you're not standing on a small heel all day, which relieves the pressure on your back and knees. But, in my experience, these tip over to the side more easier than other kinds of heels and that can cause a lot of pain and damage to your ligaments and tendons in your ankle. So be careful walking, and try to avoid areas where the ground in unstable (cobblestone is the worst!)

The pump: I'm lumping stilettos into this category as well because I often have a hard time distinguishing between the two. I think historically the pump had a shorter heel, but recently heels have become higher and higher so it's hard to tell. The most important thing about these is to make sure that they will be safe for you to walk in, i.e., don't buy them in a bigger size just because they are on sale. It is super important to make sure the shoe fits right so that you don't hurt yourself later.

The booty/oxford heel: The fact that these shoes enclose your entire foot really helps with stability when walking, which helps your feel to feel better, longer. Pair this shoe with your pencil shirt, and you'll knock 'em dead.

The Christian Louboutin: I'm going to make this shoe its own category, because really it is. The Louboutin is like the diamond of the shoe world. Perfect in every way. The identifiable red sole says, "hey, look at me! I'm wearing Louboutin's! Jealous?" Yes. Yes I am.


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