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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Midterm Madness

It’s October. Y’all know what that means. Midterms.

It is only the second worst part of the year, right behind finals. You stay up late studying, wake up early to study, and don’t really care what you look like when you go to class.

That was me today. Except that I didn’t stay up late studying and I woke up early for work. But I still didn't care what I looked like. Here's a rundown of what I wore today. Since I am still having camera problems, I'm sharing in polyvore format. (If you don't know what polyvore is. Google it. Your life will be changed.)


Jeans. Plain white tee. Cardigan. Can't go wrong.

Now I don't really have any TOMS. I have these cool Argentine shoes that my boyfriend got me when he lived in Argentina. I say they are TOMS lookalikes, but Chris ( that's my boyfriend) says that TOMS are the Argentine lookalikes. I really want a pair of TOMS. But I just am having a hard time trying to (A) pick what color I want, and (B) spend almost $50 on them. Granted, they are for a great cause. But if I spend $50 on a pair of shoes, I want them to be boots. Maybe some like these.

So all you TOMS wearers out there. What color do you have? And were they totally worth the money you had to shell out to get them?


monica said...

Andy has a black pair that he wears almost everyday(even tho I think they're a little ugly). He's says they are worth it! Trish even got a pair of the wedges and she likes them!

Erica said...

It took me a while to warm up to them because I thought I looked ridiculous, but then I found a turquoise pair. I knew we were meant to be. :] I love them! And I don't even like wearing shoes!

Laura said...

I love both my pairs of Toms! they are awesome and so super comfortable. I think they are worth the money because they have lasted for over two years.
I have yellow and white striped ones and also the custom spray painted neon yellow, green and blue!

Anonymous said...

toms are super comfy and they are for a good cause and everything but i just can't get over how stupid i think the way they fold the toe looks. i know its silly of me but i just feel ridiculous wearing them. if you can get past that then definitely get a pair. if you get bored with the color you can always try to bleach/dye/paint them.

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