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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week's Worth

I am an avid follower of Kendi Everday. She heartily believes in "remixing" your clothes items. And before I started reading her blog I read in article in a magazine about the same thing. And now I love the idea too.

But the problem for me is that I don't ever really "remix". I wear the same shirt with the same pants. Or the same dress with the same shoes. There is very little variety. But this summer when I went on vacation, I explored the idea because I didn't have very much space in my suitcase to bring a bunch of different outfits. So I picked a couple of things that I could wear differently a couple times a week. And it went great!

If you don't already mix up your items in your closet you should definitely start doing it. Maybe you're going on a trip and don't have enough packing room, or you are in dire need of doing laundry but you can't stop watching Friday Night Lights (been there!). Pick a couple of items that you think could work with a couple of other things and try it out.

In case you're a visual person like I am, I made a couple of sets giving you a week's worth of outfits with very few clothes.


Erica said...

Cute idea! I'm terrible at mixing things up. We should have a mix-and-match party and you can help me go through my closet to make new cute creations! :]

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