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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hair, Hair, Hair!

I asked my friend Monica to do a guest post about hair. Monica is an amazing stylist at On Stage Hair Design and takes care of all my hair care needs. To the lovely reader who said I have perfect hair, Monica is why. 

She has great hair, is an expert in color, cuts, highlights, the whole shebang. All while having a one-year old baby boy. She is a super(hair)woman. Live in the North Houston area and what to check her out? Go here

So without further ado...

Stripy highlights are a thing of the past! This fall, bold and deep brunettes are what’s in! Just recently, both Ashley Olsen and Jessica Biel, ditched their boring blonde for sultry chocolate hues. They have both been known for changing their hair color often, they have both been every color under the rainbow, but the switch to these rich brunette shades reinforces the rule that this fall, the trend is about going bold. This fall you want to ask your stylist for colors along the lines of rich warm sable or dark milk chocolate.

The typical “head full of highlights” is so last year, what were seeing now is dark blondes with visible roots. Its called the “ombre” effect. Ombre in French means graduation which refers to the dark-to-light fade of color that is used in the technique. Instead of color that starts at the root, darker roots blend into a lightened mid-shaft and end. Picture Sarah Jessica Parker or even Cameron Diaz, both are fans of the technique.

With winter approaching remember the weather is always drier so you will need to be using a shampoo and conditioner with a little more moisture. A few options to try are Drench Shampoo and Conditioner by Sebastian or Instant Moisture Shampoo or Conditioner by Paul Mitchell, and both of these are color safe, because we definitely want to protect our brand new hair color!


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