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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Empire State

I missed yesterday's awesome and awkwards, so I'm just going to do it today...

- Getting lost on the 1am. 
- Seeing a guy pee in Central Park
- Seeing like 4 couple fighting in Central Park
- Asking for a glass of skim milk at a vegan cafe
- The look the lady at Burger King gave me when I asked for a kid's cheeseburger
- A coffee shop not having Sweet N Low
- No ice in our ice water
- The worm shaped noodles in my fried rice

- Making new friends
- Going to a real Brooklyn party
- Seeing great bands
- Finally finding some postcards, and sending them
- Vegan cupcakes that taste surprisingly like cornbread
- $2 hotdogs
- Kind of, sort of, maybe, figuring out the subway
- Watching buskers fight over their busking spot
- New York freaking city

Not in the awesome or awkward category...
Ground Zero. I don't have much to say about that because...well...we all remember. 


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