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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Parades and Petticoats

Okay. So there aren't any petticoats in this post. But, I liked the alliteration of parades and petticoats. I'm sorry if I have misled you in any way. Please forgive me.

Now that we have that all settled. I went to a parade today! See I didn't lie to you completely...only half lied. My Paw-Paw was the grand marshal in the Homecoming parade today in Somerville, Texas. Ever been to Somerville? It looks like a ghost town. Small and scary. (oohh more alliteration!) But today was not a very good day for a parade. After a month of amazing (but not cool enough) weather, we finally had a cloudy day. It was kind of sad, but my Paw-Paw still looked proud and excited. As he should be.

Target should probably pay me for all of the clothes I buy from them. I think I am a walking Target advertisement. Basically everything I wore today was from Target.





Jacket, Dress, Necklace and Shoes: Target, Belt: Old Navy


Sofia Prado said...

Love the blazer. And the oxfords. Oxfords are possibly my favorite shoe ever. I need to find a pair.

Cassidy Thomas said...

Target :)

Anonymous said...

Girl you so pretty ;)

Also I think you mean alliteration instead of alteration... just saying :P

Seriously though, Target FTW! :D

Cassidy Thomas said...

Ahh yes thank you! Boo on auto-correct spell check. I didn't even catch that.

Thank you!

Twist said...

Okay I just started reading your blog (picked up from Kendi's Remix) and we have SO many of the same clothes - I rocked that Target blazer yesterday.

Been looking for some oxfords for a reasonable price-- are the Target ones comfortable? I usually steer away from cheap shoes because I love my feet.

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