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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Real Beauty

In one of my classes we did a project where we had to do a poetry presentation. A lot of people did videos and we saw the same one twice.

At first I was thinking. "Ugh. I have already seen this video a thousand times." But then I got to thinking. You know what? This video has a really great message.

So I am sharing with you. My wonderful readers.

It is a video from the Dove Real Beauty campaign. If you haven't seen it. Enjoy. If you have. Watch, then go take a look in the mirror and see how beautiful you really are.


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

this is an awesome video! i saw it last year and watched it about five times in a row right after--great repost.
(p.s. i love the shoes in your header--where are they from??)

Cassidy Thomas said...

Thank you! They are from Target. $19.99 - greatest deal ever.

I did a post where I included them.

Erica said...

Love it. :] Glad you're spreading it around!

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