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Friday, November 19, 2010

But It Goes To Eleven

So this is my "I-saw-harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-at-midnight-and-i'm-too-tired-to-do-anything-else" outfit. This is also my "I-saw-harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-at-midnight-and-i'm-too-tired-to-do-anything-else" photo location. My backyard. It is dead and gross and full of holes--thanks Captain. But hey, it's a backyard and that is more than some people can say.

But this weekend is going to be great. Tonight I'm going to go to Midnight Yell, my last one of my college career. And tomorrow the Aggies are going to Beat The Hell Outta Nebraska. And my lovely boyfriend is going to be in town the whole weekend. On the downside, I have to write two papers.





Pants: TJ Maxx, Shirt and Shoes: Target, Scarf: Gift, Jacket (which doesn't count as one of my 30 for 30 picks per Kendi's instructions): Gift


Natasha said...

The colour of the jacket is great!
Your "I-saw-harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-at-midnight-and-i'm-too-tired-to-do-anything-else" photo location is still a great one...much better than my deck!

Sofia Prado said...

What a great jacket!

Stylepint said...

Love your outfit and how you paired the maroon jacket with the dark jeans. Plus it looks like you got rainbows in our lucky! =)

Rach said...

I love the color of that jacket! Did you see Harry Potter at midnight? Getting tickes in CS for the midnight showing is impossible. I just saw it today at 2pm. It was AMAZING :D

Anonymous said...

wheeeee!!! wasn't HP BEAUTIFUL?
well you know what else is? your jacket. i wore a bit of red when i watched HP too. gryffindor and all haha.

Linda W said...

Beautiful jacket!
The Auspicious Life

Anonymous said...

Hells yeah, that scarf is whats up! ;)

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