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Monday, November 8, 2010

Easy Smeazy

Hey. Day 1 is easy. It was pretty much like every other day in my closet. Put on skinny pants. Put on shirt. Is it cold? Scarf and boots. Done. But I know it's going to get harder. Especially since I saw those super cute boots at Payless that I desperately want. But I already have 7 pairs of shoes in my list and I don't think I needed to pick anymore. Or buy anymore for that matter.





So I tried that Photoshop tutorial that Sydney, from The Daybook, posted a while back to make your pictures have a golden effect. I tried it. What do y'all think? It looks pretty cool, but I'm not sure if I can pull it off quite like Sydney.


Shirt and boots: Old Navy, Pants: Target, Scarf: JC Penny


Anonymous said...

I'm wearing that exact same shirt today....haha

Sofia Prado said...

Love the outfit. And great pictures! I've been trying to do the Daybook tutorial too, and even though I still haven't quite mastered it, I've found some fun effects.

Desiree said...

Ah I tried to make those Target pants work for me. I wanted them so badly but, unfortunately they didn't. You look great though!

I found your blog through Kendi's challenge. I'm participating also!

Fashion Flirt said...

I love your outfit, but I have to tell you - you have Perfect Hair. Shiny, bouncy, full of volume! Happy remixing!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Great classic outfit! I actually really like how the last pic turned out. I'm going to have to try the tutorial myself one of these days!

Linda W said...

The last photo looks great! I think you should keep it up!

The Auspicious Life

Kinsey said...

You look great! I love this outfit. I also love the carnival background of your other photos. I found you thru Kendi and I'm your newest follower!

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