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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Elephant Never Forgets

Nor apparently do elephants ever get to experience Fall. And by elephants, I mean me.

Okay let me back up real quick. We have some strange (but awesome) traditions here at A&M. Like not walking on the grass or wearing a ring that is more important than your diploma. One of our traditions is Elephant Walk.

The week before the last regularly scheduled football game, all of the seniors gather and go on Elephant Walk. It symbolizes the end of the usefulness of the seniors to the student body. And since an elephant wonders off aimlessly to die, as do the seniors on our Elephant Walk. We walk around campus, visiting places of worth and remember our times here as Aggies.

But the best part is they bring in real elephants that we can take pictures with! I didn't get out of class early enough today to take one "officially" but you can bet your bottom dollar that I snuck up on the side and snapped a picture or two.

So here's to being seniors! And to being elephants! And here's not to the fact that it was 85 degrees outside while we were walking around our monster of a campus.



Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt and Shoes: Target, Belt: Gift

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Laura said...

congratulations Cassidy! I remember my elephant walk. did you jump in the fountains at the end and shake out your fake boots? Kelly and I did that :)
I was just looking at the pictures from that day a few weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

awww that's awesome and you look great! love the skirt and your striped top!

Lauren said...

Elephants?! That is epic! I wish when I left school they did something that awesome, all we got was a barbeque which I didn't even attend because I was overseas. Ah well, loving the striped top by the way =]

Elle said...

omg i love those elephants! almost as much as i love those stripes and high-waisted skirt :)

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