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Friday, November 12, 2010


See what I did there? I make TGIF into Thank God It's Four.

That probably didn't need explaining. But you guys. It's Friday. My brain is fried from the week. I'm a seriously starting to get tired of school. I have been in school since 1994. The year of The Lion King, Forest Gump and Interview With A Vampire. Almost 17 years of school. I'm burned out. Luckily the semester is almost over and I graduate in May. What I'm going to do after that I don't know. But right now I'm just focused on the two days in front of me: Saturday and Sunday.





Shirt: Old Navy, Cardigan and Long Necklace: J. Crew, Jeans: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Target, Heart Necklace: F21, Belt: Gift


Rach said...

I completely understand your frustration, I'm a senior right now and its going to take me an extra semester to graduate. So I have to wait until Dec 2011.

You can make it to May though! Just keep it up :]

Anonymous said...

braided belts for the win! :) you look pretty.

and dont worry, things will come to you after graduation. i was that way too. and yeah we'll be confused but it'll come, i promise ;)

Elizabeth Benfield said...

i love this outfit!

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