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Saturday, December 4, 2010

23 Is An Unexciting Number

Today I'm stuck at my favorite coffee shop writing all day.  And unfortunately, it is not the kind of writing that I would like to be doing. The kind that makes me want to drop out of school. Term paper writing. I feel bad hating this kind of writing because can I call myself a writer and an English minor if I hate writing term papers?

Yes. I think I still can. Or I choose to still call myself a writer. At heart at least.

But when you're writing about J. R. R. Tolkien, who was basically the inventor of fantasy (besides William Morris and C. S. Lewis) it is hard to look at my writing and say it is good. The dude was a freaking genius. And now I have to talk about him like I am someone in the world who has enough of say to talk about him. Yeah...kind of a daunting task. But I solider on nevertheless.

To Tolkien and Tolkien lovers. I am sorry if I offend you with anything that I say in my papers. You were awesome. That is all.

Love, Cassidy.

 Shirt and Boots: Old Navy, Jacket: TJ Maxx, Jeans: Target

By the way, my jacket is the 30th items in my 30 for 30 that I just realized I never posted a picture of. Oh well, here it is! And this is yesterday's outfit, so expect another post later today!


Anonymous said...

ruffles! top knot! those boots!!!

good luck with the papers. you will rock them

Angeline said...

Love that jacket! It totally makes the outfit. You look great.

Tiffany said...

That coat is awesome!!

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