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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home Stretch

Number 28. I'm so close to being done. And its good timing too  because the rest of my closet has started calling me mean names for not wearing them lately.

My eyes are drifting closed while I'm writing this, which is probably a bad sign. I oh so desperately want to take a nap, but I know that I not the best idea. Because I haven't even started to study for Spanish and no me gusta espanol. Es muy dificil. Especialmente cuando tengo que saber acerca de 17 tiempos diferentes y todavía estoy tratando de averiguar la diferencia entre pretérito y imperfecto.

That is probably not correct Spanish. 

Nap...or Spanish? Such a hard choice.

On a different note, this jacket is probably one of my prize-fashion-possessions. It is from J. Crew and is so perfect. Not quite white, not quiet beige, silk lining, perfect tailoring, surprisingly warm. Are you jealous yet? Well I also got it 75% off. 

Jacket: J. Crew; Pants, Shoes and Shirt: Target; Button Down: Old Navy


Rach said...

Gorgeous jacket, it looks great on you! Thanks for watching my animation, Maurice and Joe are really grateful :)

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