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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

I love reading Sydney's (The Daybook) Awesome and Awkward Thursdays. Most of the time I find myself laughing and cringing right along with her awkwards. So today I decided to do my own...

- The fact that Sydney had turning your feet in in a photo as an awkward. I do that all the time.
- Having someone say, "hey I'm in that class with you." You are? Oops.
- Noticing that a guy in one of my classes was wearing a $335 Burberry scarf....with sweat pants. Actually, that's just awkward for him.
- Saying you're welcome before someone says thank you. That's the worst.
- Talking wayy too loud on the bus. Sorry y'all.
- Calling Robinson Crusoe a sociopath in class.

- Waking up, snuggled next to Chris
- Not working for the next 5 days
- Overhearing someone of the bus say there is 32 days until spring break. NYC here I come!
- Sweet Eugene's cinnamon roles
- Vampire Diaries with my friends tonight. (psst chelsea & chelsey...I'm making enchiladas!)
- The pizza that's in the oven right now.
- The awesome scarf I wore today. Ice cream cone, how cool are you!
- Which reminds me of...making silly jokes with Chris. We passed by Cold Stone last night around 6 and it was closed. There was a note on the door. Our assumption of what it said: "It's freaking cold outside. Go get a hot chocolate."

Shirt, Jacket, Boots: Old Navy; Jeans and Hat: Target; Scarf: Gift, I think from Urban Outfitters


zac thomas said...

UM. Is that my shirt?


I love this combination!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, new reader here! Loved this outfit, ice cream on the scarf is beyond adorable!

cltresp said...

You spelt my name Wrong!

Marie-Eve said...

Beautiful outfit. Could this scard be more adorable !!!

Sofia said...

Umm, adorable. You and this scarf together = too much cute.

Carie said...

I have that same shirt! It's so soft. Cute outfit. Love the socks and scarf.

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