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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Phase 1 Complete

I have officially cleaned my closet out! Aren't you proud of me?

I spent a good portion of Monday going through my clothes and getting rid of the ones that either A. don't fit, or B. I couldn't remember the last time I wore it. It was a lot easier than I expected it to be, considering I have cleaned out my closet many times before and never had the kind of results that I had this time.

So check it out...all of my clothes boxed up.

Now on to the organizing. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! What are you going to do with all those boxes now? -Shannon

Amy Z. said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! Although I do have to admit, if I lived in someplace other than CA that actually had real winters, I would probably be rethinking this whole 30x30 thing too.
And congrats on cleaning out your closet! I definitely need to get on that.

Sofia said...

Wonderful job, missie. You know what the best thing about cleaning closets is? Filling them again. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's crazy. I need to do that to my clothes, too!


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