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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Around The River Bend

Okay, don't laugh at me, but I didn't know that Pocahontas didn't marry John Smith. Instead she married some bloke name John Rolfe, who she just so happened to fall in love with after she was kidnapped and held prisoner in Jamestown.

This kind of ruins everything for me. I really love Disney's Pocahontas. But there are so many historical mistakes in that movie it is insane. They probably shouldn't have even called it Pocahontas. They should have called it Avatar....oh right, that's another movie with the same premise.

But all of this knowledge was brought about from my children's literature class. Guess I did actually learn some stuff in college.

On to my outfit...I'm in love with my shoes. I have been eying them at Forever 21 since I finished my 30x30 in the Fall. I finally got them and boy, I couldn't love them more!

 Shirt: TJ Maxx; Pants: Old Navy; Shoes: Forever 21; Belt: Target


cltresp said...

Watch the 2nd pocahantas! She meets another man and forgets all about John Smith!

Erica said...

^^^John Rolfe IS the other man!

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