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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

6 Years and 19 Outfits Ago

6 years ago I met a boy. He had long brown hair and was really shy. In fact, he was so shy that even though he thought I was kinda cute he wouldn't talk to me. (Except for that one time in which he says he did, but I cannot recall) But one day I decided I would introduce myself.

"Hi." *sticks out hand* "I don't know you. I'm Cassidy." 

Bold? Yes. A little too forward? Maybe. Best decision of my life? Definitely. 

Today is my boyfriend and my sixth anniversary. 6 years ago we were still in high school and now we are adults, he's already graduated and I'm about to graduate from college, but I couldn't be more in love.

Blazer and Jeans: Target, Boots: Old Navy, Shirt: Gift

A note about my outfit today: I left my original blue stripped shirt at my parents house, so I'm substituting this one until I can get it back. And I can't believe that this is the first time I have worn this blazer! And that there are still some other things that I picked that I haven't worn yet. So new and exciting things yet to come!


Rach said...

Congratulations! 6 years is pretty special. Great outfit and I'm hoping for the best for you and your boy :)

monica said...

Congrats Cassidy!!! Tell Chris, its time for a ring now!!!

Tanya said...

Love your boots and blazer!

Elizabeth Benfield said...

i love these boots! happy (belated) anniversary to you and your boy :)

Anonymous said...

belated happy anniversary! you guys are cute :D
and you you're even cuter. wear the blazer more! it's really pretty!

Linda W said...

Congrats! I've been with my fella for a little over six years...amazing how time flies!

The Auspicious Life

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