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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A, B, C...1, 2, 8

Are you guys ready for some super dramatic photos? The sun was in my eyes when I was taking my pictures and when I was going through them afterwards I wasn't smiling in any of them. Well there were a couple were I tried to smile, but I just ended up making weird faces.

Most of the pictures I'm not even looking at the camera and my eyes are closed, so I decided to pick the dramatic ones and add a fun effect on photoshop to made the dramatic more dramatic.

And look! I'm wearing mustard tights. Hehe.




eight-2 copy
 Cardigan and Tights: J. Crew, Everything Else: Target


Anonymous said...

I really like this outfit, once we can shop again I'm searching for those tights. I really like your oxfords too, very classic! Great Remix!

Anonymous said...

all of you girls wearing colored tights are making me jealous. love the drama shots! totally worth getting your eyes in the sun yes?

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