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Monday, November 15, 2010

Boot City

I think I could probably wear these boots everyday this winter and be okay. I find myself having to force myself to pick a different pair of shoes because I just wore these yesterday. Luckily, I have six (six?) other pairs of shoes in my picks that I can choose from. Two of which are boots. The only probably is that one pair is a size too small. No judging, they were only $7. And the other pair has a small heel. Now normally that wouldn't be a problem, but you see Texas A&M University is comprised of 5,200 acres, and I probably walk  almost mile each morning just to get to my first class. This wouldn't be a problem if I were a veteran heel wearing, but alas! I am not.

 So what are you other college students doing? Or what did you do when you were in college? Did you wear heels to class? Did you bring a back up pair of flats? Or did you just never venture to wear them to class like me?






Boots: Old Navy, Shirt: TJ Maxx, Jeans: Target, Sweater: J. Crew


Rach said...

I think boots up the style level of any outfit. It just adds polish and flair. Though I have to agree with you about campus. Its flat, but has really uneven and pothole riddled streets and sidewalks. Not the easiest to walk on with heels.

Thank you for watching my pig! I've been working really hard on him. Pixar comes by every semester, but usually just for Grad students. I'm a senior undergrad so I'll have to wait 'till next year to meet them.

Shannon said...

I go to school in Boston...historic cobblestones look so pretty but are a b**** when it comes to heels. Ultimately it all comes down to my schedule: if I have a short commute, I heel it all the way. If it's a long ways to go, I either just go with flats or keep my heels in my bag and change once I get to my destination. Or flatter ground.

Anonymous said...

i feel you on rotating shoes. i would wear my flats WITH EVERYTHING if i had to, but then it would be a shame to not use my four other shoe picks. i love your boots though. i don't blame you at all.

AND... when i was in college, i would be in sneakers all the time. like literally all the time. unless i liked a boy and all haha.

but really, i love the preppy look you got going on here. very collegiate indeed.d

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