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Friday, December 17, 2010

I Make Weird Faces When I Yawn

I'm done! I'm done! I'm done! I can't say it enough. I'm done!

It has been the semester of evil. Pure evil. Think Ursula or Maleficent. But now I'm done. And I can read a book or watch a movie without feeling like I should be writing papers or studying up on who the Valar are in Middle-earth. In fact, I have a nice little stack of books next to my bed waiting to be read. Hehe that rhymed.

This outfit is from yesterday and I really just wanted to wear something fun. Ergo, green tights. They're fun and elf-like. But I debated for a while whether or not my dress was too short to wear to work. And then I thought, if I am having to decide whether or not it is too short, it probably is. So I change, and I ended up liking my outfit I wore to work more than this one. So maybe I'll wear it again soon so you all can see.

And now...and celebration for the end of the semester...

how to make a gif

Cardigan and Dress: Old Navy; Tights and Shoes: Target; Belt: Gift

And yes...I do in fact make weird faces when I yawn. Something I noticed this morning.


a pretty penny said...

Congrats on finishing! I hope to do the same one day ;) And I love that you recognized that my dog is a Doodle!! People are always like, "what IS he?" You should totally get one -- he's the best dog on earth :)

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