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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just Call Me Kitty

No, not the Kitty from X-Men that can walk through walls. A copy kitty. Because if you read this over at Kendi Everyday, you would have been swayed to dress like that it too. I mean, she just made it sound so comfortable. I couldn't resist. And you know what? It was comfortable! But unfortunately I work in retail and nothing is comfortable after 7 hours on your feet except for jammies and your bed. Which I just so happen to be in right now. Jealous? No probably not. Because it is 11:00 and you're probably in bed too. Sigh. I just have to figure out something tomorrow to make you jealous.





Shirt: Target; Shirt (which is actually a dress that I folded over): J. Crew; Cardigan: J. Crew; Scarf, Boots, and Belt: Old Navy


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