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Saturday, December 25, 2010

And I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus

Merry Christmas y'all! I love Christmas! My family has out own little traditions that we like to do on during Christmas time, such as:

-Eating Chinese food on Christmas eve. My Dad and I brace the monsoon last night to get us some Chinese and boy was it good!
-Opening one present on Christmas eve. Although in recent years we have been needing to be somewhere early on Christmas day, so we are opening presents on Christmas eve so we can sleep in a little (my family loves our sleep!) Then we have Santa pressies in the morning.
- Then when the whole family gets together we play that white elephant game and steal presents from each other. Nothing says Christmas like the look on your cousin's face when you just pried a present out of their hands. 
- And in recent years, an on slew of J. Crew clothes. :)

And look at my boyfriend. Isn't he the cutest thing ever? When he gave me my Christmas present he said, "I picked it out myself." And I open to find the coolest cardigan ever. I kind of love him. 

Shirt and Jacket: J. Crew; Pants: Target: Shoes and Bracelets: Mom's Closet


Anonymous said...

damn! get it sexy! merry christmas ;)


Rach said...

Ah I love how those jeans look with the black heels and the deep red socks. And the gold top adds a festive touch :) Hope you had a great christmas! Happy Holidays :)

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