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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Teachings Of 2010

Useful things I have learned this year:
-How to use a fold-top sandwich bag
-That sprinkling a little water on rice when you're heating it up the next day will keep it from being so hard
-That if you pour the last of the cereal in a spaghetti strainer and sift, all the the gross powder will sift out and leave your bowl powder free!
-Dry shampoo.
-Why it takes 28 days for movies to come out on Red Box and Netflix
-How to make use of my closet

Unuseful things I have learned this year:
-The similarities and differences between Turin Turinbar and Beren. (If you know who these people are, you get a cookie)
-The present/past/future/all the other tenses in Spanish. (Unless of course I end up having a job that knowing these is useful, then it goes up to the top list)
-Everything from Rhetoric and Western Thought. 
-Frederick Winslow Taylor
-Pretty much everything from most of my classes, seriously what can a degree in communication do for me? Want to know about spiral of silence theory? No? Didn't think so

Shirt and Pants: Old Navy; Sweater: c/o Forever 21; Boots: c/o Urban Outfitters


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