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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Look! Look! Two Days In A Row!

 I'm blogging two days in a row. Pretty cool right? But I really wanted to show my outfit from today. I really liked it. It was conceived last night right before I fell asleep. Those are always my best outfits. The ones made with the last minutes of my conscious mind. 

Unfortunately, the weather almost ruined my outfit today. This morning around 8 it was cold, but bearable. But slowly it kept getting colder...and colder...and colder. And now it is a unbearable 36 degrees outside. My velvet blazer wasn't enough but, because sometimes beauty is pain I suffered the cold. Although I did add a lovely, and warm J. Crew scarf.  And of course I had my much beloved Levi's 524 skinny jeans. I always forget how much I love them until I put them on. I would buy myself an army of Levi's 524s if I wasn't on a small price per jeans budget. Ahh sad day. 

Jacket and Scarf: J. Crew; Shirt: Old Navy; Jeans: Levi's 524 Skinny; Shoes: I believe I stole them from my Mom


Anonymous said...

Ugh and today! I woke up and my iPhone said the weather was 22... I was like pshhh surely not. But yes. Yes it is. >_<

I meant to tell you in person when I saw you yesterday, but I really like your jacket! Good outfit choice :)


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